Invest in Experiences – Our adventure in Jericoacoara


During my three month stint as a remote worker, I took a few weeks vacation in Brazil. I studied abroad there as a college student (7 years ago) and have longed to return ever since. 

While I was only on vacation for just under three weeks, I actually spent a full month and a half in Brazil, working Monday-Friday and exploring on the weekends. Towards the end of my time testing the digital nomad lifestyle, I got lonely. While I wasn’t complaining, my perfect situation would be to end the trip with company… so I did. 

I found a cheap flight and my amazing mom decided to come visit on a whim. I offered to pay the ticket to make it really enticing for her. We spent my last 12 days in Brazil together. While I had to work for most of it, we enjoyed three nights in Jericoacoara (aka Jeri), a sandy beach town in the eastern Brazilian state of Ceará. 

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Mom is the least outdoorsy lady ever, so it was a once in a lifetime experience to see her ride in on a sand buggy– the only way into the national park! This was an adventure; we had to get to the city of Fortaleza, then bus for 7 hours, then buggy in for the final stretch. It was worth the effort to see and feel some of the most pristine freshwater lakes I’ve laid eyes on. It’s a memory we’ll have forever and why I spend my money on experiences over things.

The Pacific Northwest- Vancouver & Portland

I visited the Pacific Northwest for the very first time, just about seven months ago. I was right in between jobs and it was the perfect opportunity to visit one of my closest friends, Nat. I flew into Vancouver, just as Nat was finishing up her finals so I did have to do some solo exploring during the day. Vancouver was an amazing setting for this! I stayed in Kitsilano, also know as “Kits” near UBC. Lucky for me,  Kitsilano Beach was within walking distance, and I surprised myself by sticking to my half marathon training, getting in a couple six mile runs, running all the way Granville island ,  exploring “the couve” on foot.

VanDusen Botanical Garden
VanDusen Botanical Garden
Granville Island
Granville Island, home to the Public Market
Vancouver Biennale, OSGEMEOS
Vancouver Biennale, OSGEMEOS
Museum of Anthropology Totem Poles at UBC
Museum of Anthropology at UBC

Letting the #galentinesday celebration continue. Having fun doing hoodrat shit in Vancouver with @lataniecaulk

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Yesterday I kicked the day off with a six mile run along the sea wall. Felt amazing! But now I’m terribly sore. #Vancouver A photo posted by Juliet Kellogg (@whereartjuliet) on


What better way to get to know a city than to go for a run!? #exercisevacay #vacation #Vancouver

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Kicking off #galentinesday the right way: yoga, bacon donut, and latte with @lataniecaulk A photo posted by Juliet Kellogg (@whereartjuliet) on

After a few days in Vancouver, it was time for Nat and I to bus to Portland, to meet our third bestie, Heather. I met them in high school for the first time, and the two of them have really grown into people who I rely on. I hope we all have those people in our lives, who you can go months without speaking to, but it all just clicks, you laugh, and you reunite, picking up right where you left off.


Once we arrived to Portland I actually hit a big life milestone and rented my first car! After a little bit of an incident going to the completely wrong side of town on the bus & turning back around again, we arrived at our cute little cottage, booked through Airbnb.

Highlights included the Kennedy School (an old school yard, that still looks like a school, but is now a bar— so Portland weird), Voodoo Doughnuts (we’re tourists after all), and Ground Kontrol (bar and arcade in one!)

But the very best thing was Multnomah Falls, about 30 miles from Portland. The three of us had a great time hiking, taking way too many selfies, catching up and it felt just as awesome as ever. 

Cheers to friendships. This trip happened a while ago, and writing this makes me smile. I really hate the #blessed hashtag, and you will never, ever hear me say “ahhhh my life is soooooooo awesome all the time; i’m so blessed,” but wow good friends are worth working for, even though trips & calls take effort!

On top of the world at Mission Peak

I was born and raised in Fremont, California, about one hour south of San Francisco. I’m not a huge Fremont fan myself but it does have its perks, one of them being Mission Peak. Some crazy awesome folks hike to the top of Mission Peak regularly. However, my lazy butt has only made the trek once and it was about two years ago when I was still living in Santa Barbara. It’s crazy how I never do things when they are nearby, and how I crave them when they are far away. Anyway, it was time to catch the beautiful scenery, challenge myself, and workout some butt and leg muscles that hadn’t seen any action for a while, so I grabbed my boyfriend who is always up for a spontaneous trip. We started with a nice stroll near the Milpitas side of the regional park. We simply relaxed and climbed a tree. It was easy for me to get up but you should have seen me trying to get down….

Then we took off for the real hike. We drove to Stanford Avenue, snagged a parking spot, and ventured off! After about 1.5 hours of what felt like the Stair-Master, we made it to the top and snapped a picture at the token landmark. Then we were off to some well-earned Indian food.

Token Mission Peak photo spot, at the very top!

Escape from Alcatraz

San Francisco has been absolutely gorgeous this winter but of course the fog and rain decided to creep in on the one day my family from Peru was here visiting. I was glad to see some rain come in but the timing was classic.  Peruvians aren’t used to rain so it was a toughie! You should have seen my mom out on the ferry posing for a picture with me, rain blowing in her face. I guilt-tripped her into going out there by saying I was dreaming of a gorgeous picture of us against a San Francisco backdrop. Of course, she is sick now so I hope I’m not fully at fault for that one!

We roughed the mist and wind and set off for a day trip to Alcatraz. I hadn’t been to Alcatraz since a school field trip circa 4th grade and it’s always fun to do tourist things in your own city.