This post is a couple of months belated. I turned twenty-five late March and celebrated by going on a dinner cruise on the Horn Blower with my lovely mama and boyfriend. It was a nice little outing that gave us an awesome view of both the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. It was a refreshing detour from the past few years of clubbing, drinks, and repeat. I felt all grown up with the fancy buffet and snazzy faux fur coat.


Lately I have been thinking of where I am today versus where preteen-me thought I would at this age. I used to think “old” was early twenties and that you were supposed to be successful, with your own house, family, and steady job. Now that just seems laughable; really though, that’s nearly unheard of in San Francisco. Each year, my threshold of “old” gets older and older, and in my book, being married with kids at this age is doing it all wrong (it’s just not for me.) I have so much of the world left to see…and they say 70 is the new 60.

At twenty-five, I am as big of a dreamer as ever and luckily, do not have anything tying me down. This year, I hope to grow a little happier and prouder of myself each day (in body, spirit, and soul), explore more countries, have fun, and take it step-by-step. Gone are the days when had a goal-age for growing up. Now I am just trying to put that on hold until the day I change my mind, if ever.

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