During my three month stint as a remote worker, I took a few weeks vacation in Brazil. I studied abroad there as a college student (7 years ago) and have longed to return ever since. 

While I was only on vacation for just under three weeks, I actually spent a full month and a half in Brazil, working Monday-Friday and exploring on the weekends. Towards the end of my time testing the digital nomad lifestyle, I got lonely. While I wasn’t complaining, my perfect situation would be to end the trip with company… so I did. 

I found a cheap flight and my amazing mom decided to come visit on a whim. I offered to pay the ticket to make it really enticing for her. We spent my last 12 days in Brazil together. While I had to work for most of it, we enjoyed three nights in Jericoacoara (aka Jeri), a sandy beach town in the eastern Brazilian state of Ceará. 

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Mom is the least outdoorsy lady ever, so it was a once in a lifetime experience to see her ride in on a sand buggy– the only way into the national park! This was an adventure; we had to get to the city of Fortaleza, then bus for 7 hours, then buggy in for the final stretch. It was worth the effort to see and feel some of the most pristine freshwater lakes I’ve laid eyes on. It’s a memory we’ll have forever and why I spend my money on experiences over things.