I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Athos in February and around that time, I worked up the courage to ask for something I’ve been dreaming of, a break from the Silicon Valley bubble. I set a date in my calendar to pitch a “work from home” arrangement. I tried to make excuses when the date approached, shutting myself down before even attempting, but in the end, I promised myself TO JUST ASK.  pabloI came with a simple proposal and plan:

Responsibilities: My goal is still to meet all of my current responsibilities on the Customer Advocacy team. Most of my work (~85%) is easily done over email like Zendesk tickets, live chat, and social media replies.

What I will need from my team

– Getting dialed into meetings & calls.
– “Onsite buddy” to loop me into relevant meetings.

• Full availability on Slack, email, and the usual channels to get in touch during the work day. Happy to stick to PST or whatever you all prefer.
• Strong wifi for Zendesk, phone calls, Google Hangouts, etc.
• I have also found a nearby co-working space (if I need a quite place for calls), and a local Crossfit box to stay on top of testing the app regularly.
• Will continue regular reporting.

Besides being hit by the wanderlust bug, there is a big personal piece to this. I want to spend some quality time with my dad, who I haven’t gotten to see more than a few days at a time for a major portion of my life. My mom is a huge part of my identity, and I’d like to have that same bond with my dad as I grow older. Face-to-face is a big part of this for me and I don’t want to let the chance pass me by.

I’m happy to say, asking for what I wanted paid off and I’m leaving for Medellín, Colombia this Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be sticking to the same ol’ 9-5, so it’s no vacation, but I’m excited to explore a new area for a nice chunk of time. Slow traveling appeals to me as moving city-to-city is not only a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t give you a chance to make deep connections nor get too immersed in day-to-day life of the region. I have my eyes set on joining a local Crossfit box, eating like the locals do, and traveling to the sights on weekends.

See you in September, California. I can’t wait to document my Medellín living!